(These are the words given to me from the Lord.)

In 1987, after the Lord told me to “lay down ‘my’ ministry”, He cautioned me to wait upon Him and let Him raise up “His ministry” through me in His time and for His purpose and glory.  Meanwhile, I was warned not “make something happen”.  During the time from 1987 to 1994, the only words I heard from the Lord were, “know Me, rest in Me, trust Me, wait on Me, learn to be My servant, stay in My Word and be obedient”.

In 1994, the Lord told me to get the briefcase, containing six teaching volumes, out of the closet and place it by my bedside.  Then three years later in 1997, the Lord told me to go through these teachings and take out everything that He had not personally taught me. Also of significance in 1997, He told me to sell the bed and breakfast “tent making” business.  In January of 1998, the Lord told me to log on the Internet to “house church/home church”, where I discovered for the first time   such information existed.  Also in December of 1998, He told me to move to Lake Winnsboro to a “hired house”.

In 1998, after we moved to the “hired house”, the Lord began ministering to me in several dreams.  The first dream was about great human devastation where the Lord commanded me to minister to the needs of hurting people.  That same night He gave me a new song, “Learning to Serve”.  In a second dream on Christmas Eve night of 1998, the Lord gave me another new song , “O Bless The Name of Jesus”. 

In January 1999, the Lord gave me a revelation concerning His remnant Church about the “hewning” of “lively stones” that the Lord was silently placing together in the building of His Church.  In another revelation, the Lord showed me His remnant Church as “little pools of water” scattered all over the world.  These pools began to be connected by small streams that turned into rivers flooding the earth.  Also in January of 1999, the Lord gave me additional teachings from His Word and the six volumes of notebooks in one briefcase became twenty volumes contained in two large suitcases.

In April 1999, the Lord told me to go to Clemson University in South Carolina to teach about His Church, which I did on May 20th.  Also of significance, was that it was on May 19th, that the closing papers were signed for sale of the bed and breakfast “tent making” business.

In  June of 1999, the Lord told me to call a “gathering of leadership” to Winnsboro and that this “gathering” was to be held the first weekend of November, 1999.  The “gathering” was to include itinerant laborers of apostles, prophets and evangelists.  The purpose of the “gathering” was to “minister to the Lord, hear Him and obey Him by going out together as laborers wherever He might send”.  After the “gathering” concluded, He told me to equip leadership by teaching the “apostles doctrine” at the “hired house” in Winnsboro and to train leaders “as you go” throughout the world in response to His Macedonian calls.

In November of this year, 1999, the Lord gave me a strong prophetic “message to the remnant church”(See attached copy).  In the same month, He gave me a very unusual revelation that appeared as a curtain that had been pulled back revealing the spirit realm where I saw a demonic plot to deceive the world.

Then on Saturday, December 11th, 1999, after 12 long years of “waiting”(1987-1999), the Lord began stirring in my spirit that it is NOW “His time” to raise up His Church in Winnsboro.  Everything that the Lord had ministered to me for the past 30 years suddenly culminated in my spirit.  I suddenly came to realize why the Lord had left me in Winnsboro for these past 30 years.  I heard in my spirit, as it were a “clicking” noise, similar to what Ezekiel must have experienced when he heard in Ezekiel 37:7 “a noise, a rattling sound and bones came together.”  It was like scattered pieces of a puzzle suddenly coming together.   A word of prophecy based on Isaiah 48:3 came forth in confirmation of this revelation, “I foretold the former things long ago, my mouth announced them and I made them known; then suddenly I acted, and they came to pass.” 

The Lord said that the Church in Winnsboro was not to be a “house church movement” but rather it was to be “His Church” and He was the Originator, Designer-Architect and Builder.  My part as an apostle is to simply lay His foundation as He directs according to His Word and to “equip the saints for the work of ministry”.


Other specific words from the Lord included the following:

1.     “The Church in Winnsboro is to include all The Body Of Christ gathered (assembled) or  scattered ‘as we go’ throughout Winnsboro.  Believers are the ekklesia , the Church.  The Church is who we are, wherever we are.”

2.     “Every member of the Body needs to know what his gifts are and how to function effectively within the Body of Christ in Winnsboro.”

3.     “There are three things that the Church in Winnsboro needs to implement simultaneously: 1)Build and encourage the Church in Winnsboro and around the world.  2)Witness to the lost in Winnsboro and throughout the world.  3)Minister to all the Body of Christ(hurting saints) in Winnsboro and in the world.”

4.     “The Church in Winnsboro is to be built simultaneously after the pattern of three New Testament Churches: 1) Jerusalem- foundation building of the apostles’ doctrine which is Jesus.  2) Antioch- witnessing, evangelism and being ‘sent out’ to the utter most parts of the world.  3) Ephesus- ‘Unity’ and ‘Oneness’ of the Body.”(See chart below)

5.     “To accomplish the building of His Church, He will send equipping leaders(apostles, prophets and evangelists) to Winnsboro as illustrated in the Scripture by the “church in Antioch”.  Then some of these leaders will be ‘sent out’ by the Holy Spirit to the uttermost parts of the world.”






Foundation building by teaching Apostles Doctrine

Outreach to the Lost by witnessing “as you go” and throughout the world

Unity & Oneness among all believers (Hebrews and Gentiles)

Obeying His commands in Winnsboro & world

“As you go” witnessing in Winnsboro & world

Ministering to the Body in Winnsboro & world


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