Greek: dokime=a trial, proof

dokimionj=a trial, test

peira= a piercing through

purosis=a burning, trial by fire

dokimos=tried, tested, approved

1.      II Corinthians 8:2 “How that in a great(polus=many, numerous) trial(dokime)of affliction(thlipsis=pressure) the abundance(perisseia=over-abundance) of their joy(chara=joy) and their deep(bathos=the deep) poverty (ptocheia=beggary) abounded(perisseuo=to be over and above) unto the riches(ploutos=riches, bountifulness) of their liberality(haplotes=unaffectedness, simplicity).

2.      I Peter 1:7 “That the trial(dokimion) of your faith(pistis), being much more(polus=much, many) precious(timios=honored) than of gold(chrusion=gold) that perisheth(apollumi=loose away, destroy), though it be tried(dokimos=tried, tested) with fire (pur=fire), might be found(heurisko=to find) unto praise (epainos=praise, commendation) and honor(time=honor, weight) and glory(doxa=glory) at the appearing(apokalupsis= uncovering) of Jesus Christ(Savior, Anointed one):”

3.      I Peter 4:12-14 Beloved(agapetos=dearly beloved), think it not strange(xenizo=to reckon to be strange) concerning the fiery(purosis=a burning) trial(purosis) which is to try(purosis=proving) you, as though some strange things(xenos=strange, foreign) happened unto you (sunbaino=to come or go up together): But rejoice(chairo=to rejoice), inasmuch as ye are partakers of(koinoneo=to have in common) Christ’s(Anointed one) sufferings (pathema=suffering); that, when his glory(doxa=glory) shall be revealed(apokalupsis=an uncovering), ye may be glad(be of good cheer, rejoice) also with exceeding  joy(agalliao=to be glad).  If ye be reproached (oneidizo=revile, insult) for the name(onoma=name) of Christ (Anointed one), happy(makarios=happy) are ye; for the spirit(pneuma) of glory(doxa=glory) and of God(theos) resteth upon(anapauomai=to rest again) you: on their part (kata=down through) he is evil spoken of(blasphemeo=to speak injuriously), but on your part(kata=down through) he is glorified(doxazo=honor, glorify).”

4.      Hebrews 11:36-37 “And others had trial(peira) of cruel mockings (empaigmos=sporting) and scourings(mastix=whip), yea, moreover of bonds(desmos=fetter) and imprisonment (phulake=imprisonment, watch): They were stoned (lithazo=to stone). they were sawn asunder(prizo=to saw), were tempted(peirazo=to try, prove), were slain (apothnesko=to die off, away) with the sword(machaira= fighting weapon): they wandered about(planao=to lead astray) in sheepskins(derma=hide) and goatskins (derma=hide); being destitute(hustereo=to be last, behind), afflicted(thlibo=to press), tormented(suffering evil.  Of whom the world(kosmos=arrangement) was not worthy(axios=deserving): they wandered(planao=to lead astray) in deserts(eremia=solitude), and in mountains(oros=hill), and in dens(spelaion=cave) and caves(ope=holes) of the earth(ge=land).”

5.      James 1:12- “Blessed(makarios=happy) is the man that endureth temptation peirasmos=trial, proof): for when he is tried (dokimos=approved, tried, tested), he shall receive the crown of life(stephanos zoe), which the Lord(kurios= master) hath promised(epaggellomai=promise to them that love(agapao=love) him.”


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