1.      Therefore(oun=therefore, then, now), the prisoner(desmios=one bound) of the Lord(kurios=lord, master), beseech(parakaleo=to call to one’s side) you that ye walk(peripateo=to walk around) worthy(axios=worthily) of the vocation(klesis=a calling) wherewith ye are called(kaleomai=to be called).”

2.      “With all lowliness(tapeinophrosune=lowliness of mind) and meekness(praotes=meekness, mildness), with long-suffering(makrothumia=suffering long), forbearing(anechomai=to hold self back) one another in love(agape);

3.      Endeavoring(spoudazo=to make speed or haste) to keep(tereo=to keep, watch, observe) the unity(henotes=unity, at one, together) of the Spirit(pneuma) in the bond(sundesmos=joint bond, fetter, chain) of peace(eirene=peace, unity, concord).”

4.      “There is one(heis=one) body(soma=body), and one(heis=one) Spirit, even as ye are called in one(mia/fem.=one) hope(elpis=hope, expectation) of your calling(klesis=calling)”;

5.      One(heis=one) Lord(kurios=lord, master), one(mia=one/fem.) faith(pistis=faith), one(heis=one) baptism(baptisma=putting into),”

6.      One(heis= God(theos=god, object of worship) and Father(pater=father) of all(holos=the whole), who is above all(holos=the whole), and through all(holos=the whole), and in you all(holos=the whole).”

7.      “But unto everyone(hekastos=each) of us is given(didomi=to give) grace(charis=grace) according(kata=according to) to the measure(metron=of length or capacity) of the gift(dorea=a free gift) of Christ(anointed one).”

8.      “Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up(anabaino=to go or come up) on highhupsos=height), he led captivity captive,(aichmalosia=a taking by the spear) and gave gifts(doma=gifts) unto men(aner=a man, husband).”

9.      (“Now that he ascended(anabaino=to go or come up), what is it but that he also descended(katabaino=to come down) first(proton=first) into the lower (katoteros=lower down)  parts(meros=division, part)of the earth(ge=earth, land)?”

10.  “He that descended(katabaino=to come down) is the same also that ascended up(anabaino=to go or come up) far above(huperano=over above) all(pas=things, points) heavens(ouranoi=heavens, skies), that he might fill(pleroo=to make full) all things(pas=things, points).”

11.  “And he gave(didomi=to give) some(ho men=some indeed), apostlesapostolos=one sent forth); and some, prophets(prophetes=expounder); and some, evangelists(One who announces good tiding); and some(ho men=some indeed) pastorspoimen=shepherd) and teachers(didaskalos=instructor);”

12.  “For the perfecting(complete adjustment, equip, make ready)) of the saints(hagios=set apart, separate, holy), for the work(ergon=work, deed, business) of the ministry(diakonia=ministration), for the edifying(oikodome=building up) of the body(soma=body) of Christ(anointed one):”

13.  Till(mechris=until) we all come(katantao=to come down) in the unity(henotes=unity) of the faith(pistis=faith), and of the  knowledge(epignosis=full knowledge) of the Son of God(hulos=off spring/theos=god, object of worship), unto a perfect(teleios=complete, ended) man(amer=man, husband), unto the measure(length, capacity) of the stature(helikia=greatness, length) of the fullness(pleroma=fulness, complete) of Christ(anointed one):”

14.  “That we henceforth be no more children(nepios=babe, without power of speech), tossed(kludonizom=agitated, to be tossed) to and fro, and carried about(periphero=to carry or bear round) with every(pas=all) wind (anemos=wind) of doctrine(didaskalia=teaching), by the sleight(kubeia= cheat, playing at dice) of men(anthropos=a man, human being), and cunning  craftiness(panourgia=unscrupolousness), whereby they lie in wait (toward the methodizing) to deceive(plane=wandering, leading astray);”

15.  “But speaking the truth(aletheuo=to speak truly or the truth) in love(agape), may grow up(auxano=to increase) into him in all(pas=all, any, every) things (pas=things, points), which is the head(kephale=the head), even Christ(anointed one):”

16.  “From whom the whole(pas=all, every, whole) body(soma=body) fitly joined together(to lay systematically together) and compacted(sumbibazo= to raise up together) by that which every(pas=all) joint(haphe=a fitting together) supplieth(epichoregia=a supply), according(kathos=even as, like as) to the effectual working(energeia=inworking) in the measure(length, capacity) of every part(meros=division), maketh(poieo=to do, to make) increase(auxesis=increase) of the body(soma=body) unto the edifying(oikodome=building up) of itself in love(agape).”


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