There are a variety of  “gatherings” of the Body of Christ in the Winnsboro area which are briefly described below.

    1. There are home gatherings in specified houses and/or from “house to house” as the Lord “gathers” two or three(or more) where His promise is to be in the midst.  There are now various gatherings in homes every day/night of the week in the Winnsboro area.
    2. There are city-wide gatherings of the Church in Winnsboro which includes all the Body of Christ in the city, i.e., gatherings for prayer as well praise gatherings.  There are meetings are Resurrection Celebrations and Thanksgiving Observances as the Church in Winnsboro comes together as one Body.
    3. There are quarterly gatherings of ministers and their spouses for a fellowship meal hosted by various congregations of the city.
    4. There are monthly prayer gatherings of men from various parts of Northeast Texas area who come together for prayer and mutual encouragement.
    5. There are periodic gatherings of the “elders of the city” of the area who come together to encourage implementation of the Biblical “city church.”
    6. There are periodic gatherings of brothers coming together to “minister to Jesus” and to listen for the Spirit to give specific direction.
    7. There are gatherings of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for equipping for ministry.
    8. There are weekly noon prayer gatherings of men from a five county-wide area from all parts of the Body of Christ gathering for prayer for spiritual revival in the area.
    9. There is a weekly breakfast prayer gathering of elders of the city of Winnsboro who pray for the world, nation, city and for unity in the Body of Christ.
    10. There is a monthly gathering of  intercessory prayer groups that meet in various locations of the Northeast Texas area.
    11. There are various individual congregations who have special prayer ministries, i.e. prayer chains, telephone call-in prayer lines, men’s and women’s weekly prayer meetings, weekly congregational prayer, home gatherings for prayer, revival prayer meetings, etc.
    12. There is a weekly prayer gathering of women from various congregations in Winnsboro who come together to pray for one another and for the needs of others.
    13. There is an annual prayer banquet held at the city auditorium attended by more than 300 women of the Body of Christ in Winnsboro.
    14. On Sundays those who “meet from house to house” participate in the worship gatherings of the various assemblies throughout the city rotating as the Spirit leads with those who gather in different meeting locations, i.e. Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, Assembly, etc.  This is to encourage the spiritual unity of the Body of Christ in the city.
    15. On Sundays several of the city elders periodically exchange pulpits and minister in various assemblies.  Also different gifted leaders including apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers are invited to minister in various congregations to help in equipping the saints for the work of ministry.
    16. Those who meet from “ house to house” minister in plurality with the leaders of the various assemblies.  There are times of joint participation in preaching, teaching, Lord’s Supper observance, invitation counseling, etc.
    17. There is an annual observance of the National Day of Prayer with all the Body of Christ participating.
    18. There is an annual Scripture Reading Marathon with the whole Body of Christ participating for 72 hours by reading from Genesis to Revelation downtown out loud over the city via a loudspeaker system.

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