EVENT             (Note: Christian Calendar off 4-6 years)                  APPROXIMATE DATE


Jesus’ birth                                                                                                                              AD 1

Jesus began public ministry                                                                                                  AD 30

Jesus discipled his followers                                                                                            AD 30-33

Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension                                                                            AD 33

Pentecost                                                                                                                                AD 33

Church gathered daily on Solomon’s Porch, streets, market place & house to house      AD 33

Church gathered as the Body with Christ as the Head                                                       AD 33

Priesthood of all believers ministering in spiritual gifts                                                      AD 33

Plurality of servant leadership by example                                                                         AD 33

Disciples scattered abroad by persecution                                                                         AD 38

Conversion of Saul of Tarsus                                                                                              AD 38

Paul’s missionary journeys begin                                                                                        AD 46

Council of Jerusalem: Salvation through grace (Acts 15:11)                                            AD 50

Paul’s death                                                                                                                          AD 68

Jerusalem temple destroyed By Titus                                                                                AD 70

John the apostle’s death                                                                                                    AD 100

Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, wrote his seven epistles (Not included in Cannon)            AD 107         

Clement of Rome: Elders/pastors/bishops different function                                          AD 117

Clement of Rome: Clergy/Laity distinguished                                                                 AD 117

Clement of Rome: One-man pastor leadership                                                                AD 117

First mention of infant baptism                                                                                          AD 215

Construction of first known church building under Emperor Serverus                           AD 235

Earliest mention of “clergy” being salaried                                                                     AD 245

Earliest beginnings of monasticism by Anthony                                                              AD 270

Prayers for the dead                                                                                                          AD 300

Making the sign of the cross                                                                                            AD 300

Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity                                                              AD 312

Council of Milan: ministers licensed by the State                                                           AD 313

Council of Milan: ministers became full-time & salaried                                               AD 313       

Council of Milan: edict concerning construction of church buildings                              AD 313

(Period of Dark Ages in history)                                                                              AD 313-1525

Use of wax candles                                                                                                            AD 320

Constantine declared Sunday a civil holiday (Holy Day)                                                AD 321

Church buildings built throughout the Roman world                                                        AD 324

Temple/Synagogue style worship                                                                                      AD 324

Pews & theater seating arrangement                                                                                AD 324

Chanters, choirs & hymnbooks                                                                                         AD 324

Altars Erected                                                                                                                     AD 324

Baptisteries placed in buildings                                                                                         AD 324

Council of Nicene: First Church Creed established                                                         AD 325

Council of Nicene: bishop supremacy                                                                               AD 325

Veneration of angels, dead saints and use of images                                                       AD 375

Christianity becomes the State Religion under Emperor Theodosius                             AD 378

Mass as a daily celebration                                                                                               AD 394

Council of Carthage: canonization of Scripture                                                                AD 397

Latin Vulgate Bible by Jerome                                                                                          AD 405

Edict of Innocent I: Compulsory infant baptism                                                               AD 407

Council of Ephesus: exaltation of Mary as the mother of God                                       AD 431

Leo the Great pronounced himself as Bishop of Rome                                                   AD 452

Ministers established common dress code                                                                       AD 500

Extreme Unction                                                                                                                AD 526

First monastic order begun by Benedict of Nursia                                                          AD 529

Christian calendar established by Dionysius Exiguus                                                     AD 550

(Mohammed begins Religion of Islam)                                                                            AD 570

Gregory became the head of the Church of  Rome                                                         AD 590

Doctrine of Purgatory by Gregory I                                                                                 AD 593

Latin used in prayer and worship by Gregory I                                                               AD 600

Mass as known today established by Pope Gregory                                                       AD 604

Boniface III bishop of Rome adopted the title Pope                                                        AD 607

Temporal power of popes by Pepin, King of the Franks                                                 AD 750

Organs first put into church buildings                                                                              AD 609

Kissing the pope’s feet begins with Pope Constantine                                                    AD 709    

Worship of the cross, images and relics                                                                           AD 786

Use of holy water with salt blessed by priests                                                                  AD 850

Worship of Joseph as a saint                                                                                             AD 890

Canonization of dead saints                                                                                               AD 993

College of Cardinals established                                                                                       AD 927

Baptism of bells by Pope John XIII                                                                                  AD 965

Canonization of dead saints by Pope John XV                                                                 AD 995

Fasting on Fridays and during Lent                                                                                  AD 998

Mass as a sacrifice begins                                                                                              AD 1050

Final division of East/West Church                                                                                AD 1054

Celibacy of priesthood by Pope Gregory VII (Hildebrand)                                          AD 1079

Rosary and praying with beads by Peter the Hermit                                                    AD 1090

Christian and Muslim Crusades                                                                           AD 1100-1400

Church buildings add towers and steeples                                                                     AD 1100

Sale of indulgences                                                                                                         AD 1190

Transubstantiation of wafer and wine by Pope Innocent III                                        AD 1215

Confession of sins to a priest by Pope Innocent III in Lateran Council                      AD 1215

Adoration of the wafer (Host) by Pope Honorius III                                                    AD 1220

Bible declared too holy & forbidden to be read by laymen by Council of Valencia    AD 1229

Scapular first used (special cloth around neck on front & back)                                 AD 1251

Wycliffe (1330-1384) translates Bible into English                                                      AD 1380

John Huss (1374-1415) reformation influence                                                              AD 1398

Communion cup forbidden lay people by Council of Constance                                  AD 1414

Doctrine of purgatory decreed by Council of Florence                                                 AD 1439

Dogma of seven sacraments affirmed                                                                            AD 1439

Fall of the Roman Empire                                                                                               AD 1453

Gutenberg prints first Bible                                                                                            AD 1453

Columbus discovers America                                                                                          AD 1492

Reformation: Martin Luther (1483-1546) 95 Theses at Wittenberg                            AD 1517

Reformation of Theology                                                                                                AD 1517

Tyndal’s English translation                                                                                           AD 1520

Zwingli, Calvin, Knox influence in Reformation                                                            AD 1522

Anabaptists influence                                                                                                      AD 1525

Beginning of Separation of Church & State                                                                  AD 1525

Pulpit stands, other pulpit furnishings and elevated platforms                                     AD 1540

Council of Trent: Tradition and Scripture of equal authority                                        AD 1545

Apocryphal books added to the Bible by Council of Trent                                           AD 1546

Official Catholic Creed imposed by Pope Pius IV                                                         AD 1560

King James translation of the Bible                                                                               AD 1611

John Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress published                                                       AD 1678

Huguenots Influence                                                                                                       AD 1698

Isaac Watt’s Hymns and Spiritual Songs published                                                      AD 1707

Moravian Brethren missionary movement`                                                                   AD 1727

Jonathan Edward and the Great Awakening in America colonies                                AD 1735

John Wesley’s conversion and brother Charles’ influence                                           AD 1738

Sunday Schools established in England and later in United States                              AD 1738            

United States declares Independence from England                                                     AD 1776

William Carey’s missionary to India                                                                              AD 1793

Restoration Movement begun by Campbell brothers                                                   AD 1811

Foreign Missionary Boards in United States with Judson sailing to India                  AD 1812

Crusade evangelism in England & US with Finney, Moody, Sankey, Crosby            AD 1830

Beginning of altar calls and walking the aisle                                                               AD 1830

Rise in false religions & cults: i.e., Mormonism                                                          AD 1830

Dispensational Scripture interpretation by Plymouth Brethren, Darby                      AD 1830

Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary by Pope Pius IX                                            AD 1854

Hudson Taylor begins missionary work in China                                                         AD 1854

Spurgeon becomes pastor in London                                                                             AD 1854

David Livingston publishes “Missionary Travels” about African missions                AD 1857

Syllabus of Errors asserted pope’s temporal authority over all civil rulers                 AD 1864

William Booth founds the Salvation Army                                                                     AD 1865

Papal Infallibility in matters of faith and morals by Pope Pius IX                                AD 1870

Immaculate Conception of Mary: Pope Pius IX                                                            AD 1870

Rise in false religions & cults: i.e., Jehovah’s Witnesses                                            AD 1872

Student Volunteer Movement of young people involved in missions                           AD 1886

Gideon International organized                                                                                       AD 1899

Beginning of airplane flight with Kitty Hawk invented by Wright Brothers                 AD 1903

Pentecostal movement begins with Asuza Street revival                                               AD 1906

World War I  begins                                                                                                         AD 1914

First Christian radio broadcast                                                                                       AD 1921

Worldwide Economic Depression w/Stock Market Crash                                            AD 1929

Wycliffe Bible translators aspire to bring Bible to every language group                   AD 1934

Age, sex, grade grouping & separation of families in churches in United States        AD 1935

World War II begins in Europe in 1939 w/USA joining in 1941                            AD 1939-1941

United Nations founded                                                                                                   AD 1945

Israel formed as a nation                                                                                                 AD 1948

World Council of Churches is formed                                                                             AD 1948

Billy Graham nation-wide evangelism crusades begin in California                             AD 1949

Para-church in US: i.e., Youth for Christ, Navigators, Campus Crusade            AD 1944-1951

Assumption of the Virgin Mary (bodily ascension) by Pope Pius XII                          AD 1950

Cold War begins with the Soviet Union in 1950(Ends in1992)                                      AD 1950

Full Gospel movement begins in United States                                                              AD 1951

Lay Renewal movement begins                                                                                       AD 1952

Para-church in US: i.e., Teen Challenge, Youth with a Mission                           AD 1958-1960

Increase in church building construction in United States                                             AD 1960

Charismatic movement grows in United States                                                              AD 1960

Feminist movement increases in the United States                                                       AD 1960

Home Churches in China and England                                                                           AD 1960

Reformation of Ecclesiology                                                                                          AD 1960s

Second Vatican Council promotes new attitudes and practices                                     AD 1962

Space travel with John Glenn orbiting the earth                                                            AD 1962

Mary proclaimed as Mother of God by Pope Paul VI                                                   AD 1965

Mass media growth around the world: i.e., Trinity Broadcasting Network                 AD 1973 

Biblical house churches in United States                                                                       AD 1970s

Rise in Para-church groups: i.e., Christ for the Nations & Mercy Ships            AD 1970-1978

Rise in cults: i.e. Jim Jones                                                                                             AD 1979

Increase in Open Churches, Churches without Walls, Relational Churches                AD 1985

Surge in construction of mega-church buildings in United States                                 AD 1990

Men’s organizations begin: i.e., Promise Keepers, Prison Ministries spread in US   AD 1990

Renewed emphasis of Ephesians 4 equipping gifted leadership                                   AD 1990

Spontaneous increase in biblical house churches throughout USA                             AD 1990’s

Cold War ended with collapse of the Soviet Union                                                        AD 1992

Believers in third world countries experience great persecution and more                 AD 2000

believers are martyred in the 20th Century than all previous centuries combined                     

Muslim extremists attack United States and US declares War on terrorism              AD 2001

Information Age with volume of knowledge doubling every three years                     AD 2002

Heinous crimes against humanity increase                                                                    AD 2002

Population of the world increases to six + billion                                                           AD 2002

Diseases, pestilence, famine & earthquakes continue to increase                               AD 2003

Christianity increases in Asia, Africa, S.A & decreases in Europe, US                       AD 2004

Biblical house churches increase throughout the world, i.e. China with                       AD 2005

100 million + believers                              

Unprecedented growth of Christianity in the world: Christianity is growing               AD 2008

three times faster than the world’s population with 180,000 converts per

day (i.e. Latin America- 35,000, China-30,000 and Africa 20,000) at 6.9 growth;

Muslims 2.7; Hindus 2.2; Buddhists 1.7.  According to the latest statistics of

Christians in the world today: Latin America-480 million; Africa-360 million

(42% of population); Asia-313 million and Europe & North America-200 million

for a total of over 1.35 billion believers.

Worldwide earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, pestilences, famines,                 AD 2009-2011

diseases, epidemics, Muslim Jihad, religious conflicts, cultural wars between

East and West, Muslim population explosion and a decrease in the European

Non-Muslim population.      


*Historical information and dates from Church History including Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Protestant sources researched and compiled by Dan Hubbell.